Winning project for the development of a general interest activity area,
with two hangars to build Considering that the activity area is situated in the classified site of the Forêt de Soignes, the project’s main objective is its integration and respect of the surroundings. The long green alleys lined with poplars and thick edges, as well as the knolls that mark small level changes in the ground served as inspiration for this project.


Submission to the “Une frite dans le ventre” (“A fry in the belly”) competition organised by the city of
Non-winning project
The “fry” theme, a light and fun symbol of Belgium, is deployed several times in the design of the fritkot (fry stand).
This theme is first found in the building’s elongated shape. Then, the cladding, made of a succession of vertical latticed laths, is an echo of the generous and tasty content of the cone of fries, itself represented in a subtle pattern on the main façade.